Monday, August 08, 2005

A year ago of my decaying flesh.

I am going to use these 2 days to have a re-evaluation time to myself.
And also see how differently I see the first posts I set over here.

Almost a year ago I wrote.

"(if this can help others to find the right answer..that would be cool but If it doesn`t happen I am fine with it).
Questions to myself the "Quest to be a comic creator". (interview to myself)

Who are you?
I am a regular guy, now reaching my 30`s ..well in some months, now I am 29, I studied Architecture and actually finished all the subjects but I haven`t gotten my thesis why? I guess I already proved what I wanted to prove to myself, I finally understood that the only person I have to please first is myself, I am a guy who develop a hard and thick crust towards critics to my life style and vocation that is to DRAW,PAINT AND ILLUSTRATE. I always learn from people and take what is worthy.Sad I haven`t seen my own country as the place to nurture my craft. And so ironically I am so happy I have found praise to my work overseas.I have started to work professionally in comics, some independent work in USA with a friend I trust (thanks Nik..if you read this some time down the road), also some work is starting to be in notice by the Spanish market, and some editors in USA, now I guess I am waiting to finally start making my living drawing full time, and hoping an editor trust my work enough to protect my career, in short terms I am still waiting for my big break.

What do you expect to do in the medium?
nothing and everything.I mean being honest If you had asked me this question before I would have said to become a mainstream artist and make everybody to be in notice of my work, but as realistic as it sounds, the dream changed its name now I called this dream a "Goal", since some years I made amends to myself, my point is that firstable Money is not the key factor (Obviously I am trying to make money with my craft but who doesn`t you?.)I want only to receive the right compensation for my work and in the long run to have the liberty that economical stability offers you. If money had been the key factor since long time ago I would have decided to do something else or at least play safe and prostitute myself and my art(artistically I work with the only excuse to have money ). I understood that trying to be a comic book illustrator is the same as hitting the jackpot, If I get rich and famous is fine to me, but If I get broke with this I am also fine with it.
simple because I am doing what I love to do that is to DRAW, and also because I will die in the line....I learnt not to chicken out and I won`t for sure.If you are a guy wanting to be a comic penciler,inker,writer etc. please know yourself enough to know what you can lose or win, what you are able to sacrifice and to receive... stablish a plan B or C.I do not have plan B or C but it is my case, my own stubborn perspective that I do not need it and that I will reach the goal pretty damn soon...!!!..have a good day!!!.....JESUS ANTONIO"

Funny to see that everything is almost in the same way I think right now.
Obviously there are some evolutions in one year, I am 30 now, so I am sure I am in the right calling and track!!

Good day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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