Monday, August 22, 2005

Disolve that little flame into my eyes.

Card Two Posted by Picasa

Well this is the Second image of the Series of Cards I am doing for a plan I have in hands.
As you can see I combined some elements.
A robot
A fairie
A Ballerina
And the Tarot Card of the Fool
And Voila!

Below is the First Card that is opening the set!
I still need to ink this piece!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!




antonio said...

The last comment was again just Spam.

Katya said...

i hate spam, i've been getting loads can delete them permanantely...

love the card idea, very elegant already...


antonio said...

Hey Katya let me know how to delete them!!
I sent a mail to the blogger staff and they told me that there is nothing to worry about, taht they are working on something but in the meantime I have to delete them over and over..let me know how to Katya!!
And thanks for the words!1
Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

antonio said...

KATYA Thanks! I already figured it out!!

I hope to do antoher card by the end of the week....Great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

AnnaRaven said...

oh... she looks so fragile *smiles*