Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dogma Icarus

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Well I need to start how this thing will work.
I was thinking about the idea of having a weekly comic strip that I can send into the Asocciation as a proposal.
Well I also watch the movie Lucia y el Sexo (a beautiful movie) and I got the idea of taking my concept of Dogma Icarus.
Dogma Icarus will be based in 3 aspects.
1.-No script (I do not even have an idea of how the next panel would look like, I want to use my creativity to solve the storytelling, I want a combination of Little Nemo,Kaftka and Magic).
2.-This time I will show off all my guns..I mean I will attack this project in all the artistical way possible for me so that means I will use all the techniques I really want to show people I can draw and paint, so this will be a great experiment and also a great way to gauge my level as an artist and writer.For instance I normally used esfumino for my pencil work and this time I wanted a combination of my esfumino work and my pencil technique, I have to say that I was about 6 years without using that way to draw so I am still rsuty in some areas but as soon as I get my timing you will see the difference.
3.-Freedom. I want to explore certain styles and this project will give me the chance to feel free.I want to create something really crazy and also using the way I have been feeling lately.

Dogma Icarus
Written and Drawn by Jesùs Antonio Hernàndez Rodriguez

Panel one:Voice off
Today for the first time I saw you in my dreams, and you were just walking without hurry to the shore, wet and fragile you are.
I can see your lips and those are telling me something but no voice comes from them or from the dream, or probably there is sound but I just can`t take my eyes from your beautiful sight.
I am drowning...?
I just say to myself ...I do not want to be hurt..and I remember this is my own dream.

Have a great time!


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Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

seems like a very interesting project jesus...

can't wait to see the other panels...

sometimes, the ones without script will be the more beautiful ones because if the freedom that you have...

have a nice day --kino--