Friday, August 19, 2005

The soothing hands of Destiny.

David Alfaro Siqueiros Posted by Picasa

Before getting into the topic...this is one of my favorite pieces done by David Alfaro Siqueiros, with him, Orozco, Dr. ATL, Rivera,Kahlo and some more made the movement of Muralismo nurtured by people like Mario Pani or Vasconcelos and became the roots of what Nationalism was over the 20`s and lasting to the last years of the 70`s with the rupture.

These two days have been really busy I was grading my students (tomorrow will be my last day of the course) and I will be two weeks free (without money because I work in a freelance term) till the initiation of the new Course.
I went to a bar yesterday and I have to say I really enjoyed it I even got a lap dance so it was nice!!!
I drank a beer (thing that is really rare because I do not drink), some hours ago I was about to write the post with the title "Stabbing my heart out..." because yesterday I saw you know who, hahah I am starting to hate that when I see her I have that kind of hard heartbeats and I start blushing but well, I am still thinking in becoming a friend of hers or not, I need to check If it is difficult for me to bear with all the whole situation.Not all the times happens I need to add that! :)
First front:I will have a coffee over next week on Friday night, according to what She said.
Second front:No news from her I will see her tomorrow but I do not know If asking her or not about not calling me.
I still need to write about the third front but I guess I will do it by next week.
Hahahah I am still waiting for the deposit of the company I am working, so well If I get money soon I will buy the tickets for Las Luchas (yes, I am going again!!), and also buy material that I need to paint.
Next week I will continue working in El Clan and Luchador! and I will organize some paperwork to ask for a scholarship that I really need.
Have a great time and Take care!!


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