Friday, August 12, 2005

Invading the secret laces of Emphaty

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I continue a bit sick and a bit blue, but really much better for sure!!
To cheer myself up I decided to draw a cover using Captain America So until now I have drawn Namor,Capt, Bucky,Red Skull and Falcon I am still missing some more characters hopefully by Sunday I must have finished the piece.
I am also getting this crazy idea and I will ink a piece done by Jack "The King" Kirby (there is a copy of a drawing He did in the 80's that I love, funny but I am not nervous at all about inking him, because I will use the Kevin Nowlan method (to follow the structure and respect that but having all my personality and way of drawing over there) so It will look really weird but fun, that is my point to have fun this time!.
Tomorrow I will go to the house of an acrylic painter, if he is really good I will ask him for some classes I really want to paint in acrylics and also wide my variaty of techniques. I will let you know guys how everything least I will have a nice talk about painting. :)
Congrats June!!! :)
Today is the Birthday of Jim Lee! (Congrats in case you read this! :) ).
One friend writer already agreed on the interview so now I have 3 good interviews with incredible pros and still asking more people and friends to help me out!!
Have a great time and see you around!!



Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus... can't wait to see you inking "the king" kirby :)

I have a meme I would like for you to answer if you have the time :) good day --kino--

antonio said...

I haven`t finished the piece I guess by Thurdays I will be done with it!!