Tuesday, August 09, 2005


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Well I was feeling like crap in the afternoon, a girl made a stupid comment today, well crap happens,and I was again over thinking so I decided just to have a good time and I was collecting money from my pockets to pay for the tickets to go (Thanks again Mariana for going with me!! and follow this crazy plans).
I went and I loved it!!
I will give a very good insight on the two times of me going to Las Luchas, because They really deserve a big comment about the inner meanings and it is really helping me for our (Nik and I) comic of Luchador!!.
Oh My God!! I saw really good movements!.

Chingatela means Fuck her, One of the wrestlers girls at the same time She was pulling the hair of one of the rivals was screaming out loud..."Chingatela..chingate a esa puta..." Fuck her, fuck that ho...! :)

I am planning to start drawing tomorrow again and I will load some new material at the end of the week!!
Great day to you guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

My boys would love that Wrestling.They've been to see WWE a few times and i have lots of photos of them with the wrestlers.

antonio said...

In fact his time ws much better than last time in terms of the technique in the wrestling..I really had a great time I will show you the photos soon!!! :)
And fun but I haven`t seen the Wrestling from WWE?
Why? I haven`t been at the right time to watch them!!

Great day to you June!!...JESUS ANTONIO