Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Go West! or Go East! I still miss you

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Go West!
This is just a jewl done by Keaton and Cline..as story very well told, He even disguises himself as a red demon a really nice story from 1925.

Who is brown eyes?

If you guess you have a free comission (You only pay for the shipping cost? ) :)

Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


johnnyjustice said...

"Brown Eyes" was the COW...

Now, where's my commission drawing!!! =)

antonio said...

hahahahahahahahahahah Okey Johny let me know what is your favorite comic character?
And I will do the magic!!


antonio said...

Still waiting Jason!!

Great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

johnnyjustice said...

Sorry I haven't commented...I've been on vacation for the past several days.

I responded over on my blog, but I will tell you here as well. I would prefer either an original character of yours, or a Mexican superhero (someone that is cool, but no one here in the States is familiar with). Thanks again!

Also, you can draw it whenever you have the time - I know you are busy with your own schedule so it's no big hurry =)