Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Iceberg I hit yesterday.

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Yesterday I was feeling awful I was all day long just sleeping trying not to think that much about everything, now the day started quite funny (I entered to the bus and the driver was a friend of mine so he didn`t charge me the ticket so I took the bus for free)and I am sure the week will be incredibly better.
I was trying to figure a way to start moving my art and start having that economical stability I am in search to move my plans, I decided not to overcome any longer my papers for the ending of my career (I still need to ask next week what is my situation with the school and see how a teacher can help me there..I am starting next week to prepare some stuff from the course He wants me to prepare).
I am again bombarding people with my artwork so they know I am available so wish me luck!
No money from the company yet... well the guy who passed the voucher told me today or tomorrow I will receive the money in my bank, I need the money to buy material and start sending my submissions and a paper to get paid from a gig I did recently.
"Caramel eyes" just vanished I haven`t heard from her, neither from"Cute girl".

I am starting again to draw...I need to finish some pages of El Clan so next week I will start loading more work of it.
Luchador! continues in works I need some material I ran out of to continue properly.

Maybe what brought me down was that I took a bus yesterday and I saw a guy singing in the bus nothing special till I saw his hands and were sliced (that kind of cuts you make when you want to commit suicide), and later on some clowns entered to the bus and I felt really bad because one of the clowns had a knee really in bad shape and I admired that He didn`t stop his performance even seeing his face of pain.

Well now I am feeling good and in track so see you later!!
I couldn`t go Las Luchas but well next time will be for sure :)


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AnnaRaven said...

I remember some weeks like that. I remember waking up on a Thursday thinking... oh my... nothing could go worse. Ok, let´s start again, let´s have a second Monday today.

Sometimes the grass seems greener if you take the time to look at it.

Love and cheesecake.