Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dogma Icarus II

My First Acrylic Posted by Picasa

Panel two:Voice off

I can control my dream ...I can control my dream, now everything is in colors and I see the beauty of your face battling against the water,your beautiful eyes makes me forget myself.
You look like a little lost mermaid, you can not sing but the power is on your eyes.

Have a great day!!

ps:btw This is my first Acrylic work ever.



AnnaRaven said...

That´s quite impresive to be your first acrylic -ever-:D


antonio said...

Thanks I still do not believe I made a decent work for my first time!
I was in panic the first strokes because I didn`t feel so comfortable with the new approach but as soon as I have more time with it I hope to start seeing more advances.
Great day to you Cute Anita..

johnnyjustice said...

Dang, dude, that ROCKS!

It is extremely impressive for a first attempt. In fact you could have not told anyone that this was your first time with acrylics and no one would have known the difference!


antonio said...

Thank you for the Words jason!!
btw I received the mail and I will answer it hopefully tomorrow :)..Great day!..JESUS ANTONIO