Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Love for Dummies. Third Front.

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I set this front to the last also to add new information.
Well I met this girl that is really nice Let`s called her (Plucky smile), She seems to be nice and in the overall is a devoted girl in many ways.Attractive,short with black straight hair and a nice smile.With some issues in her Family.
I haven`t mentioned her because in this case I can feel She feels something for me but for funny that it sounds it is difficult to imagine myself with her and not because of her is more about her Beliefs.
She is nurtured full in spiritual fears and also very limited in some areas, I am not saying She is a bad person on the contrary she is quite nice and that kind of girl to even think of getting married and be steady.
One of my concerns is not to affect her I mean it is hard for me to tell her how I think and what are the things that I do not believe any longer, I do not really want to scare her.
I am really fine with my way of thinking but I know and I am sure that the way I see life might be difficult to bear to her.
One day She told me She was talking to a person and She said She wants to be with a guy who She can tolerate his errors and try to deal with them...I never never heard that kind to see love in a person.
A person told me to try to know her and see If there are some stuff that I can get attracted but as I said previously I do not know how to see our dates because also something I do not want her to be is my trampolin or the shoulder to cry.
I will try to know her better for sure.

About you know who She called me today in the afternoon as you might know in another time I would have immediately call her and try to see her, this time No.I haven`t even tried to call her, She called me to go out as friends (I have to say in her defense that I ask her first to go out )
She wants me to be friends and I do not know yet If I can move to that format. Everytime I see her my heart just burst in happiness, really really sad.

Caramel eyes hasn`t called the same with Cute girl.
I was thinking in what June said about trying to meet Caramel eyes with more people, the problem is that I see that really difficult to do because They do not gather so frequent.

Great day!!!
Good to see you back Cute Anita!!



AnnaRaven said...

Wow, thanks for the lovely welcoming, sweets! :D

Love is a strange thing, you cannot define it yet try to understand it fully. It's even stranger through the eyes of the people who listen/read to you. I mean, I haven't met any of those girls but I think my favourite is Caramel eyes. Just because of the name... *laughs* I like eyes, I think they express so much about the person you are talking too. You cannot hide your feelings, you know if he or she is interested in what you are saying if he is happy if he is sad, tired, enthusiastic... *long long sigh*

On the other hand, well...there is nothing wrong to be friend of a girl you enjoy being with, isn't it?

Love and cheesecake

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

you know jesus...

you should probably try and get to know this girl better you never know who might end up being the one if you don't try :)

best of luck to ya:) --kino--

antonio said...

Dear Cute Anita!!
My only problem to beocme friend of you know who (You can check in the archives to see who is You know who since October from last year and see my incredible dumb journey with you know whom), as I was saying the problem of becoming friends is taht to be honest I see this girl (You know who)as a girl I mean I still have strong feeling for her and enjoy her company but being frank I want more than just being friends...
About Caramel Eyes She hasn`t call me and I do not think she would, I like this girl and as you I like eyes and well only time will say what is going to happen.
Kino that is one of the reasons she is the third front I will try to know her and well If something pops out I will try but as I said I do not want to harm anyone specially me...

Great day!!


The Old Lady said...

I think going out with you know who as friends might be difficult.As for the other girls im not sure about them.Don't settle for second best with anything though.Just an observation here and it might be a culteral difference.You do seem to be always the one doing the chasing so to speak.Sometimes woman like men to be just a little mysterious and unavailable.Be friendly by all means but maybe make it seem like you have other commitments.I dont know what its like in Mexico but i know in lots of countries for some reason we woman always seem to want the guys other women have.Hope you can understand what im saying.
Good Luck
June xx