Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I am not a yellow bastard!

Yellow Kid Posted by Picasa

F. Outcault is the creator of this character that in my opinion is probably the base of many of the visual comic strip work created in the earlies 1900`s.

Well the update nothing new I am now just sending mails to some great people, and friends.
I am happy the startlight of the day was that one comic creator that I am about to interview has told me that some of my questions are the best He had ever read, maybe because the interview that I am doing is from my artist point of view.
You will be amazed about this talk to him. (He is such a gentle person).

Love life:Same stuff different day..I saw You know who (I have to say that is not affecting me at all to see her..funny but real :) )Well about the other girl,I asked her out and She said that She doesn`t no yet when She will have time because She is probably going to a Concert, so what We agree is that next time I will ask her with specific date in mind.
A friend is telling me to chill out and just act according to what happens and not to overcontrol everything!! :).

see you tomorrow!!



Sask 1 said...

Well im finding trying to keep a positive attitude is definately helping.Hope it works for you too.
Take care

antonio said...

I am really positive but sometimes are moments were you are kind of lost, I mean as I am restructuring again my ways to see love..I am in a way without elemnts to take positions...hahah well..
Kisses to you June.JESUS ANTONIO