Friday, August 26, 2005

Disolve the lead into my tears sweet Kariatides.

Athena Posted by Picasa

When I loaded Athena or Athenea (sometimes I forget what is the proper language to use), I had in mind to draw the piece using The Kariatides and try to play with a sexy girl in two costumes, the armor and the clothes in fashion.
Well I finished the piece that will now be called Kariatides and voila!
I still need to show the inked version but until next week.

Have a great life and time!!


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AnnaRaven said...

Oh my!
The forth card already!
You are working a whole lot, my dear.

Glad to see you have a good time with your work and projects and you are considering seriously to make a strip for the crazy society we belong too.

Best wishes from the land of the Queen Elizabeth,

Anna :D