Thursday, August 25, 2005

Be My Muse..Make me believe in love again.

Sarah Bernard Posted by Picasa

Before getting into the topic the photo that is loaded here is of the Muse of Alphonse Mucha the greatest Sarah Bernard, actress who was the inspiration of Mucha!
I am loading this piece because today I want to draw something with a romantic feel and using Art Noveau, funny to say this but I have to recognize that my primal influence in terms of drawing girl is Mucha!
Great day to you and see you later..If I finish the drawing early I will post it later on or tomorrow!!



The Old Lady said...

Looking forward to seeing what you draw.

AnnaRaven said...

I love Mucha :D

mmm now I feel like watching Moulin Rouge again!

*peeks over your shoulder*
can we see your new piece of art?

antonio said...

It is already loaded the advance on the piece Dear June and Cute Anita!!

I hope you like the advance!!
Great to hear you like Mucha Anna.
He estado pensando ultimamente en hacerme un tiempo y poder hacer un comic strip semanal para la pagina, debo de hacerme tiempo.

kisses and hugs to both of you