Friday, August 26, 2005

Love for Dummies. Healing.

The Healing Tarot by Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
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Lovely image isn`t it?

I was thinking about what June said and I wanted to give a more deep explanation, probably the explanation is not for her is more for me. I want to see some aspects of my writing and when I read it twice I normally find something that I was looking.

I think going out with you know who as friends might be difficult.It is hurtful maily because is like going to a party and not being able to drink or eat as you wish, it is also like battling in love for someone who is not even paying attention to you and for hard and sour I say it is not worthy

for the other girls im not sure about them.Don't settle for second best with anything though.Just an observation here and it might be a culteral difference.That is also something I do not want to do... to get the second prize and also make someone feel they`re the second prize. I mean nobody likes to be the second plate around, that`s why I am dividing these options, sounds funny but you know how is love obviously you have one that you feel attracted more but that doesn`t mean is the right one, don`t you believe me? (remember my 10 months dating you know who :D ).

You do seem to be always the one doing the chasing so to speak.I was seriously thinking about what you said I guess it is also a cultural thing, but also it has been the way that things turned.
Sometimes woman like men to be just a little mysterious and unavailable.Yeaph! I can play the misterious card also but it doesn`t work to everybody and normally to the girls I like is a signal that probably I am not interested when I do that and it is not the idea.I also agree that has to be 50/50.

Be friendly by all means but maybe make it seem like you have other commitments.That is also the point I guess I lost the Formula about the standars, sometimes when I act like that I scare a girl away, also it is part of my personality to always do the things with passion and some people do not want that.I am serious when I say I lost the Formula so for now the only thing I am doing is to show what I am and keep my thoughts about them for me.

I dont know what its like in Mexico but i know in lots of countries for some reason we woman always seem to want the guys other women have. Right here is the same for a strange reason when happens that I am available nobody really takes me seriously or viceversa they take me so seriously, but as soon as they see I have a relation everybody shows up.In my country girls look for protection in most of the cases but things are changing very fast in my country and well for what I have seen now people in general get into relations for solitude,protection or payback and I do not want that I only want to share.

Hope you can understand what im saying.I hope I understood my Dear June.
Good Luck I am so happy you are enjoying life a lot. The happier you are The merrier I am.

Situation:Nobody has called.
Today I was to have a date with Cute girl but no call,nothing so I guess I will call the odds about her for now.

Great day and see you later!


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