Thursday, August 04, 2005

Enjoy Life He says!!!

Jose Ramon Gallego Original Posted by Picasa

Ohhhh My God!!
Today has been a great day in some aspects...this is something great that happened today.
Jose Ramon Gallego is an incredible Fantasy Artist that I am starting to know in full extension, I have to say his work is really Great!
He was living in Mexico for many years and from what I know and is leaving in Valladolid...I will ask him to have an inteview to him so You can know more of his work.
I received today a package with tons and tons of his incredible work!!
I can only be grateful to him!
A great lesson I am getting here.

Thank you so much Jose Ramon!!! (We still need to talk a lot about you and your work!!:)

He wrote in a note ..Disfruta la vida! Enjoy life!! My god I am doing it actually even If I am bitching some times!! :)

Thanks Jose!!

I still need to write more things that happened to me Today but I guess it will be tomorrow!!

Great day guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

That sounds like it was amazing.Im glad your feeling so upbeat and happy.
June xx

antonio said...

it really help out!!
I also had a converstation with a friend about love so I will write another Love for Dummies soon but without talking about her..:) :)..
I learned some reminders to take in consideration.

Great day to you?
Is it serious about being nekid on the computer? WowWW!!!JESUS ANTONIO