Wednesday, August 10, 2005

We are really close my Amigo!

Well as I normally do I was browsing over My Amigo`s place. (new update is up!!)

And I really found interesting his rant and I am taking the liberty to write part of it (sorry in advance Amigo :)) and make some comments about it!!

Nik wrote
"Yet, I found the lack of people willing to stop and look at independent comics annoying at this show. I'm not sure why it affected me so much, as I've been working conventions for almost five years now. I'm used to rejection. I'm used to the "semi-polite nod and walk away," the "That's okay, thanks," the "Too bad it's not in color," and even the "Oh, you didn't draw it? You're just the writer?"
I think what did it was one guy who walked by as I asked him to stop and check out my books ("Check it out! Good stuff here! Cheap deals! All on sale! All good!"). He quickly turned his head, glanced at my table, and said, "No, I don't like it." as he quickly walked by.
Mandy wisely suggested that perhaps he was a manga fan, and saw that I didn't have any manga for him. I got to wondering if he would've stopped if I was the writer for Ultimate X-Men or Transformers, and I adopted my new catchphrase.
I started saying it to anyone who looked over at me during my sales pitch, but started walking away. Many people laughed as I said it, but I hope it stuck in their heads. I wanted them to stop at not only my table, but any small press table. I wanted them to give us a chance. I wanted them to break out of their "Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse" frame of mind and look at comics like Doll Parts, S.O.S., Sire, You've Got Tail, The Lifeline, and Myriad.
The people you may be passing in the small press section of your favorite convention could be the next big stars in the comic book industry. Don't wait until they are famous. You will regret it. That $1.00 ash can you thought looked stupid could be worth hundreds of dollars in less than a year. "

Funny but I thought that this situation didn`t happen at all in USA, Hey guys support The Indy Comic movements in every place in the world because They are the school We need to keep so big top notch contractors see our faces.
My Amigo Nik Havert will be so FAMOUS, incredible famous and rich I am so sure about it!! And I will be aside him I am sure....It is just a matter to stick to your principles and not to be let down by people who doesn`t care to what We do.My Amigo is just a trooper and his incredible wife Mandy is helping him get where he wants to be.
I am sure We will be really famous and I am sure We will laugh our asses off some time in the near future remembering how hard it took us to be in the place We are going to be and deserve totally!!!

Amigo is just a matter of Time!! :)

Great day Nik and everybody!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Thats a very good point.You shouldn't dismiss something without taking a look at it.Everyone has to start at the bottom and you could miss out on being one of the first to discover them.
Take care.Have a great day

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

It's true jesus,

sometimes people don't really want to try and buy indy stuff... everywhere in the world.. it happens...

most of them don't buy if it's not a specific genre or if the person isn't famous..

they don't realize that the indy creators today would be the superstars of tomorrow... like you and nik :)


antonio said...

Thank you so much June and Good luck Today!!!!
Kino thanks for your words it really cheers me up !
Thanks buddy!!!...JESUS ANTONIO