Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Love for Dummies. Second Front.

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Before getting into the topic.
As I wrote sometime ago If an invisible friend or friend wants to give a tarot as a gift,I would appreciate it...just remember that it has to be brand new and free.

Second Front
I met this girl in one of my clases She is really smart and sporty, average told,curly black hair, wearing glasses and some incredible light brown eyes. Her voice is quite peculiar because is too nasal and I mean She is really nice and attractive.
She is really bright and smart and works teaching also.When I met her We felt that kind of chemistry (like If you knew the person for ages). A little uptight in some aspects.
I didn`t mentioned her earlier because I didn`t want to do it till knowing If there was something else and also because I had an odd situation with her.
The second or third time I saw her She told me that She wanted to talk to me about something..She asked me If I was seeing her as a friend or as a girl, so well this changed my path a bit I just told her firstable that I was trying to get out from a situation (You know what situation and who...check in the archives).
I just told her that indeed I liked her but at that moment I didn`t know if the things would change or evolve and that I was not trying to make her feel uncomfortable. I just told her also that I would mark a very distinctive line from now on, because I was interested but not at the same time (I wanted to close the circle with you know who), but I would like to ask her again in some months at the end of the course. (Thing that will happen next week).
She told me that She had a commitment with somebody else (that is why I didn`t mention her because I was afraid to be again in a similar position like I was for 10 months with the other girl), but She also wanted to tell me that She had felt the same vibe and that She had some feeling for me or at least something was over there, Well I made a very harsh line and stop treating her more affectively just to avoid confusions and make time make its own decision.
Last week I told her I wanted to talk to her for a long conversation and let her know what my situation is now so she could understand a bit better how I feel.I need to say that this girl is fantastic and I can be to the point to make a very solid relation in case She decides something but as We know girls always decide who they want to be at the end :).
She didn`t called me when She said She would to agree about the coffee so the next time I saw her I told her that was important for me, She said she was busy but We could have the coffee on Monday (This past Monday) and set the time, She called me early morning that day to postpone the coffee because it was raining really hard and also She needed and alibi to explain to her dad, so she prefered to called it off, She said she is going to call me before Friday so On Friday morning we can talk.
I want to see If there is a development in the situation or not I mean at least to know before time If there are feelings or emotions around to be or not to be in a stupid situation again.

Have a great day!!
Tomorrow I will write the third front



Sask 1 said...

Im thinking with Tarot do you mean tarot cards?
I would say with this woman just take it slowly and see how things develop.

Lovely Lisa said...

I really like this card, the lovers. I think it is so pretty and reveals so much--it tells this story, and your personal saga ties in well-
I wish you the best of luck, friend!

antonio said...

June yes I am want to have a Tarot set of cards!! :)

I like this girl a lot but as you said let`s see how things develop over the time.I will try to give more info about who`s who when I can thanks a lot for the advice, I still need to cover the 3rd front.

Lisa,Yes this card is really nice!!
I hope your brother gets lucky!!
thanks for the words Amiga!!!