Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All these killing things I have done in a Year.

One Year! Posted by Picasa

I am celebrating my first year the very day of to-day :)!
Well sort of I am broke the company where I work won`t send me a deposit till next week or 12 days so I am broke now...hahah one guy forgot to pass the paper bill on time.
Yesterday I send a proposal to a nice editor sending our Luchador!! and ending the month I will send the submission to a Spanish company.
Also I am sending mails to some people this day to open some ways to get money.
About the girl I wanted to invite well, last time She hesitated a bit when I ask her out, so I do not know If ask her again or not I mean in a way it was a turn off to see her reaction (probably I am just overthinking).
I saw again yesterday you know whom, same situation I do not miss her as I thought I would and it is not really affecting me at all to see her,damn I have to be honest sometimes I see her tiny body and gosh!!! She is really cute..damn!! (but as We know She wouldn`t have to think over going out with me If She liked me, sad to face but pure reality!!) :).
As soon as I get the deposit I will send some packages and applications to some people and buy the material I need to start painting.
I still do not know If I will go to Las Luchas today because I am broke. Well I also need to blog about a girl I met some time ago, but it will be in a "Love for Dummies" session because I will ask for advices.

And the last part to celebrate,some people asked me about why the title of my blog so I decided to set what I put a year ago

A year Ago I wrote

"why the price,cost and value of being a comic author?

Everything started some days ago watching an interview, there was a wise artist talking about how difficult is to stablish a price in a new play or piece of art and He described that for him it was difficult to stablish the prices because the question is always....In what terms?.What is the value you give to something you have created?What is the cost of the piece in terms of what you are using to create it?(your time,your social life,your own life or sight or strength)what is the price you consider your work is valued by yourself and others?"

Great days to you guys!!



johnnyjustice said...

It's always nice to look back on the previous year and see the progress you've made in life, art, etc. I think its helpful to the heart to think back to certain moments in life when you had strong emotions - good ones and bad ones.

Great post =)

Sask 1 said...

Hope your money comes through soon.I know i was broke last week and it was awful.
I think also you have come a long way in the past year.At least you are still following your dream.
As for your love life.I was just reading a post on Walkers blog.He is quite true really.He says when your single its hard to get a GF,BF.But once you start going out with someone all of a sudden everyone wants to go out with you.
Take Care

antonio said...

thanks Jason You are right!!thanks for the words!!!

I will start the El patron over the weekend...You will love it!!

antonio said...

Hey June!!!
I really hope my money comes but as the guy from the company told me it would be more than a week to get my money..well I will eat again beans..:)
Walker is right I never thought about it but is right...The funny as I am saying I do not even know if to try harder or not.
I am even forgetting about some aspects of what to do or not!!
Well thanks for checking the evolutions, in fact I am happy that I am getting credibility in the medium and also people talk about my work ethic and I am sure it will take me far and farther.
I am following my Goal and I am sure I will hit really big...I am so sure, that is why sometimes is harder to find a person to share what I do...Kisses to you Deaer lovely June!1...JESUS ANTONIO

DADICUS said...

Dude this is a really good post it really makes us all realize the time we watse or time we take for granted and really shouldn't!!!!!! Plus I'm sorry you have to eat beans................alot?

you are the most active blogger!!!! I crown you king of the Bloggers!!! I also wanted to again post how much I loved you drawing of Apparition!!!!!!!

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

It realy is nice to look back.

Jesus... YOu have gone through a lot... I just hope that you will have everything you wish for in the future...

best of luck to you always :) --kino--

antonio said...

Thanks Dadicus and well today I will eat beans!! :) again...:), and thanks for the words on the drawing I had a great time drawing your characters....
Kino good fella thanks for the words....