Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dare yourself and look at me!

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Today I went really early to my daily job (one of the ones I have), finally the guy send the bill and vocher so in a week or two I will have money again.
Things are good in a normal way I contacted a nice guy from my country (In fact two, thanks Raul for the help!) and told me the other guy to keep in touch (They made a very nice comics mag but in a more cultural level so well I am really interested in participating, He said He would send me the rulings to see If I can apply,bercause there are tons of guys in line for that project :)).
As Nik said in his page We already sent the proposal of Luchador! I am pretty confident of the quality so let`s wait and see I have a very good vibe and the editor has been nice to me.Wish us luck!!
Also the editor of the small gig I did last month told me He was pleased with the work so He would call me in case there is more work. These guys at this company really behave incredibly I am only waiting for credited work to name the company but I am sure since now I will get a good swamp of work with them.
I haven`t reveal the photos but as soon as I get them I will start posting.
I am again starting to draw so well let`s see what I will post in some days!

I am sending some mails to look for some work!
Great day to you!!



antonio said...

Last post was a just spam or publicity.
I never thought that would appear also in a blog..
any pointers dear blog fellas?
And what to do with it!!

Great day to you guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

The cultaral mag sounds interesting.No idea with the spam.I get it all the time.