Thursday, August 04, 2005

Carcass to carry out and Poetry to follow sounds

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I want to paint again but I need to buy material to do it, I need to find some new work or comission work to have money to buy new material and start this painting.
As I was trying to channel my energy I wrote a poem to complement the idea of this sketch that will be the base of my painting (I want to draw a pastel).

Tranlastion of the Poem.
"If in Death you desire my flesh,
If in Life you desire my kisses...
Live and Die,
Die and Live!"

If you see some resemblance to the work of KLIMPT.. Yes!, you are right, the same as KLIMPT has the Japanism flavor.

Great day and well let`s see how the day becomes!!



Sask 1 said...

That poem was interesting.Do you write many poems?

antonio said...

Oh Well I used to write poems in the past or little words now that I want to become a writer of my stories I find myself writing direct poems...I hope to get wiser and start doing what I do in my drawings..You know I alwasy hide inner meanings in the cover work I do..I want to do that also in my writing..:).
I only write poems when I feel the vibe... I was blue and ideas come my way in very different ways?