Sunday, August 21, 2005

Figuring out the Secret Code

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Yesterday after posting my regular blog a friend of mine (from college) asked me to go out and just chit chat and talk about things to catch up. I haven`t seen him over a year and I said okey, and We spent part of the night downtown just trying to figure out The Secret Code of Understanding Women, it was really fun to see another soul lost in finding his own figure of salt to adore.
I am drawing something that I will post tomorrow night (hopefully).
As I said tomorrow will start my two weeks free so I am determined to finish 3/4 of the Story El Clan done by Victor, continue coloring Luchador!, paint the poem I wrote some time, organize my papers and start sending the proposals to some companies in USA and Spain that have already given me the permit to do so.
Have a great time and see you tomorrow!!:)



Sask 1 said...

And us women do the same thing with trying to understand you guys LOL.

antonio said...

hahahah and it is really funny!hahahah
Great day today to you and your next date!! :)