Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Seventh Circle says...

Seven things that scare you
1.There ares some paintings in a museum from my hometown that really scares the shit out of me I even start hyperventilating
2.Sharp knifes
3.The stink of Death (Have you been around a dead person?..that smell that comes from)
4.Getting blind
5.Losing a limb
7.Not having all the information knowing a person is lying to me.

Seven things you like the most
1. Draw
2. Paint
3. Watch a silent movie or a very good movie
4. Write
5. Having an intelligent conversation
6. When a girl is caressing you
7. Kiss
Seven important things in my room.
1. Paper
2. Colors
3. My books and Comics
4. My Art
5. My CD`s
6. My Six million man toy
7. My lightbox machine and desk.
Seven random facts about you
1. I don`t like vain people and people that shows off.
2. I was the nerd and the weirdo at the schools I was, but also one of the smart ones :)
3. I don not like to chat at all using computers
4. I do not like to call people by phone, I am always to the straight point.
5. I would never wear white tennis shoes.
6. I want to study italian again
7. I haven`t found the right gal yet.

Seven things you plan to do before you die
Hahahah I do not have plans I am sure I will do the things!!! That question sometimes says you want to do something before you regret and I am quite happy with my decisions in life.

Seven things you can do
1. Draw
2.Read a book in one day.
3. Draw upside down
4.Speak English and undertand italian
6. I can memorize situations
7. Teach English

Seven things you can't do
1. Drive
2. Dance
3. Play intruments
4. speak French
5. Paint oils
6. Sleep in a steady schedule
7. See a person hit a fat boy or girl, it breaks my heart

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1. her smell
2. Intelligence
3. A sense of humor
4. Weird and dark sense of humor
5. smile
6. The lower part of the abdomen...but I rememvber saying this before..:)
7.Taste of liquids

Seven things you say the most
1. “Es gracioso"
2. “It is funny"
3. "Es chistoso"
4. "Pendejo"
5. My formato de vida
Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign)
1.Helen Hunt
2.Jodie Foster
3.Britany Murphy
4.Angelie Jolie
5.Jannette Chao
6.Karen O.
7.P J Harvey

Kino you are served!!

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

you like a weird and dark sense of humor in a girl too :) I like that in a girl too :) thanks for answering :) --kino-- BTW im liking the kirby inking :)

Harvey Dent said...

Hahahahah, I thought that the whole fat kid getting hit thing was hilarious.

antonio said...

Yeaph!! I like complicated women!! haha well Kino, my pleasure to answer to you sorry I have been quite absent a bit...

Hey Harvey hahahah It is much better to hit the crap out of the guy who hits the fat kids..hahaha!!!!
(When I was young I used to see many friends hitting fat kids just because and it really got the cripes out of me...hahaha funny how the mind works)...Have a great day Harvey!!!