Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hello guys!!
Well expect another interview soon! Now with a nice gal!
I will wait a couple of days to give the meaning of 19.5, as I said there are many many references and I guess all part of the same answer.

BTW. Other Trivia time, I am starting to write a short story called 1864, if you can guess why 1864? and also the kind of story that would be?
You know You will receive a comission done for free you only pay for the shipping.
Hint:1864 is a date.

I am preparing some proposals as usual.
I won`t color today Luchador! I will devote myself to draw a cover for one of the proposals, I will load the image as soon as I finish it!.
Tomorrow I will continue the coloring of Luchador!

Lupita sent me a mail saying hello to my Mom for her day! (I did the same!)

I have a mild headache again...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Well all i could find was there was wars in the US and in south America.
What i found that was interesting was that they discovered microwaves in that year.
Maybe your stories about microwave ovens HAHA

antonio said...

hahahahhahahaha nope!! haha it would be weird to write on microwaves, hahahahahahaha,,, nope!!!
second guessing?
hahahah 1864 is the date that related a word..JESUS ANTONIO

antonio said...

"THAT IS RELATED TO A WORD" stupid fingers as usual...:9..JESUS ANTONIO