Friday, May 13, 2005

"Keep your Faith"

Before something happens Nik good luck in the Convention!!!!

The little explanation seems that 19 has been used to express Fidelity or Loyalty and well 19.5 means "Keep loyal","Keep your Faith" or "Believe in", weird how numbers work.
Wondy and June were corect in a way seems that some alchemist used to use the same number for construction, in fact there is that number aside others as the modulor to contruct the majority of the pyramids (prehispanics and also from the other places, there is this little number related also to the latitud).In the past Alchemist believe that this grade 19.5 directed the construction to the heart of the planet and for weird that it sounds in the latitud of any planet situated in the 19.5 seems there is a conflict or chaotical part ,volcano,tecthonical plate or fisure.

This came today to my door(virtual one)!!
Hey amigos,
Its Friday the 13th a lucky day because HOUNDS OF HELL is now hot off
the presses.
As always, thanks so much for your support,


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus.. seems that number has a number of different reasons...

that was very tricky :) --kino-- :) good day to you :)

antonio said...

hahaha not really my good friend Kino, you are going to see over time that everything is related to everything..let me set the example.
alchemist used to use number as symbols to define the construction so the orientation of 19.5 was to keep loyal or firm and that was the first idea when you contruct that the contruction gets firm enough. Is weird but They found a way to say stories and have secret names by the usage of symbols everywhere. I still need to make my symbolical study of the work of Dali that I did some months ago...have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO