Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Love for Dummies: Just don`t do what I did.

Love for dummies :Keep believing in Love.

Recapitulation for the new reader.
There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 8 months and knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys ,return to her old love or being alone.
Twist one. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.Gotta confess that sometimes has been difficult not to talk about the matter, We are even talking about "cycle" to talk about it.
Twist 2.Lupita has said our hero that She is in the same position (that She hasn`t even thought about taking a decision) and that nothing has really changed,and for what she said one Saturday is not reciprocal.
Twist 3.Our hero is learning that He just knows nothing at all.During his vacation in Monterrey He thought that there was not a relevant point to ask for direct closures, in fact He was thinking in understanding that his timings are not the timings of her and wait.
Twist4.Our hero is going out with some other girls no necessarily in a romantic way.
Twist5:Our hero is trying not to care and resolve everything as possible,He is a little dissapointed about Lupita but is more about him.Our hero is realizing that doesn`t have to suffer for free. I love her a lot but well...

This part is specially for you June, I just read what you wrote and I really want to say some stuff from my heart.
Long time ago (about 4 years ago) I was torn by a love that never loved me in fact She just used me as the trampolin and She was wainting for a better option and sometimes is funny to accept that the person you love the most is the one that destroyed you completely.
She used to destroy my beliefs in what Love is.
After all this time I realized that I can not permit myself to become an outsider or a hermit about my feelings (I have to say that it has been a hell to admit that is hard for me to open myself and mainly to suffer again what I suffered, but I understood in all this time that I really need to open myself I need to risk my heart(I haven`t done it as I used to do in the past but I am just working on it).
Do not stop believing in Love and open yourself everytime with the same passion as you and I love, Love in the same intensity only be wise not to be hurt again.
Do not do what I did for about 3 years to inclose myself and blaming myself about something that I never controled and I didn`t need to control.
We have to understand that We are in the continous task to find and harvest love.Now I understood that the first thing is to Love myself and because I love myself enough and a lot
I can share myself with the others.
If a person is destroying us, without realizing it is making us stronger ...just raise from your ashes and as the Fenix become a much better person from every fall and learn from it.
Continue opening yourself do not do what I did to try to have a relationship with a hard crust that was a terrible thing for the person beside me.
Be like the water open the ways silently and love as strong as you can.
Give yourself the value you want because nobody else will do so.
Love is like a drug just try to see what is infatuation and love, friendship and reality..but still believe in Love.
Do not self-destroy your ability to feel...do not become a loner, the right person is over there just look for him.
And after this time I know that that stupid love didn`t destroy any belief I have I am only trying to look where I set and hide them.

Have a great time Dear June and all!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The best to you June and keep us informed!!!....


Sask 1 said...

Thank you Jesus Antonio for being Dear Abby yet again.I used to blog my love life on my own blog.But then my daughter found it and was shocked.Luckily she didnt read the whole thing and i just did some fast editing of past posts.
Thanks for your support and kind words.

antonio said...

And it is really my pleasure!!! I wish I had all the answers you need!!
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO