Sunday, May 22, 2005

Music Meme.

Total volume of music files on my computer.None!

The last CD I bought was: P J Harvey`s new CD.Damn I love singer girls like She or Karen O.

Song playing right now?hahaha You won`t believe it but is the song of the Silent Flicks of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the one that goes like ..tatatata tatatata..tatata ..tatata.

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
No more I love you`s from Annie Lennox.
Nothing compares to you. Sinnead O Connors
Creep (is it Radiohead?)
Wonder Wall Oasis
Y Control (yeah yeah yeahs)
I have more but are only five....! :(

Extra bonus.
Music I am listening now and I like.

Annie Lennox,U2 (some compacts), Bowie,The Verve (Ashcroft is amazing!), Tokio Sex Destruction, The Honorary Title, The Kaiser Chiefs, Postal Service, Mass Attack,Tricky, Faithless, Yeah yeah yeahs!,Nirvana,Sublime,311,Porno for Pyros,Jane`s addiction,Foo Fighters,Beth Gibbons, Peaches,Franz Ferdinand,Audioslave.
The Hives, the White stripes, The music,Coral,Blur,Aqueduct,Action Action, The Bravery (this group is great!), Los abandoned, Queen,The Ravenottes, Morrisey, Doves, Tsunami Bomb,Doreen, Delorean, Low, Chevelle, Ill Niño, Appocaliptica, Mecano, Miguel Bose, Babasonicos,Cafe Tacuba, Miranda, Los Autenticos Decadentes and some more I can`t remember now!!

Weird taste.
I do not normally listen to music in Spanish or Norteñas (that are a little like the country music from my country..but since I was dating Lupita I started to listen to that music).
For a weird reason I like Intocables, a band that is called Conjunto Oro and also Horoscopos de Durango...mmmmm.


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