Sunday, May 22, 2005

Movie Meme

Total number of films I own on DVD/video:Hahaha 3
To be honest I do not have a lot of DVD at home (money situation and priorities are not letting me buy as much as I could). I saved 4 months to buy a compendium of The Charlie Chaplin The Essay Motion Pictures (having the first silent flicks done over California If I can recall correctly).
Metropolis by Fritz Lang (a nice gift by a good guy). And as you remember my favorite movie in terms of Art.
The NY Concert done by PORTISHEAD, my favorite band ever.

The last film I bought: probably rented. I rented Kill Bill II and Brazil a weird beautiful movie.

The last film I watched:On TV:Trainspotting ( I love british sense of humor , as you sometimes might notice I really enjoy sarcasm a lot or black sense of humor). And after that I saw Baise Moi but you already had my review on the movie.

In the theater:
Ohh my god I haven`t gone recently ...let me remember...mmmmm...I can`t recall the name of the movie but it was with Michael Keaton about him recording the voice of his girlfriend who died in a very important day, and He continue with a semi research work to find messagesfrom her....Such a LAMEEEEEEEEEE!!! movie I was bored after that.

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: sorry I will mention more.
Metropolis (Do I have to say why???)
All the movies I can see from The Silent Era.
Movies from Fritz Lang, W. Murnau, and Buster Keaton are my taste.
The Pillow book (the most beautiful artistical movie ever!)
Come and see (a Russian or polish movie about World Word II a sad romance)
The boy of the Tin drum. (Damn I love that kind of stories)
Cinema Paradiso. (I wheep when I see the scene of the boy talking to the old blind man about a love story).
An afternoon day on the beach. I dunno the real English title for the movie. (The story is about a boy and his family who go to a day picnic trip wot the beach and suddenly He finds out that the Father was nothing He expected to be).
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill

I have more but I can`t recall now..... Great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

I LOVE your list Jesus, I loved Nosferatu and Metropolis too.

Wondy x

antonio said...

I KNEW IT!! :) happy day to you Wondy!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

Good list.I put metropolis on my list also.