Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bug and Fiction

Pulp Posted by Hello

Good to see you back June ( I am still waiting for the instructions but If you need me to wait till you come back from your vacations..for me no problem. btw Good luck!)
Hey Gerry great to see that you are working in penciling..Wow!! wishing the best of luck, Good luck also in the DC title, and expect a mail off soon!! :)
I took a nap today and well I dreamt of bugs, many bugs in my room the funny part is that I was killing them, In a way the dream made me feel better because in the overall it means that I am solving some worries I have, ahah well at least is what is common knowledge. :)
Now I am trying to buy a new computer, and I am trying to see how to pay it without bleeding my ass off doing it!.
I will try again to reach a scholarship to buy the computer, and I will send the proposal of Dogma Icarus during the weekend.
I finally got my pencils again in works and well I am starting some pages of a story I have with a nice person in Spain.(keep posted).
And coloring Luchador!
As you see back in track!:)
I am almost finishing the sypnosis of Third Death so I guess I am only waiting for the sypnosis fo Luchador! and Chalice of Dracula to start organizing the work,copies etc from the proposals I need to send with my teams of work.
Need to send many snail mails these two weeks and organize also some more submissions!!

Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO



Sask 1 said...

Good luck buying a new computer.I sent you instructions hope i understood correctly.

antonio said...

i already made my mind now I am looking in the proper way to pay without being moneyless!! I need to make a wise decision on it, because is my money and nobody is helping me on this!! :)
I miss you lots June!! :)

ps:You understood correctly I am responding tomorrow morning :)..JESUS ANTONIO