Monday, May 02, 2005

Love for Dummies:When do We see eachother?

Love for dummies :Love is always love.

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 8 months and knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys ,return to her old love or being alone.

Twist one. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.Gotta confess that sometimes has been difficult not to talk about the matter, We are even talking about "cycle" to talk about it.
Twist 2.Lupita has said our hero that She is in the same position (that She hasn`t even thought about taking a decision) and that nothing has really changed,and for what she said one Saturday is not reciprocal.
Twist 3.Our hero is learning that He just knows nothing at all.During his vacation in Monterrey He thought that there was not a relevant point to ask for direct closures, in fact He was thinking in understanding that his timings are not the timings of her and wait.
Twist4.Our hero is going out with some other girls no necessarily in a romantic way.
Twist5:Our hero is trying not to care and resolve everything as possible,He is a little dissapointed about Lupita but is more about him.Our hero is realizing that doesn`t have to suffer for free. I love her a lot but well...

Before getting into the topic. Lupita send me an email asking me When do We see eachother again?
I normally answer inmediately but this time I will wait to answer for tomorrow late night, I will play my times now.

Well I received a call from a girl that is a very good friend of mine. Obviously She wanted to talk to me looking for an advice.
In few words She is not really happy about her couple because the couple is never paying attention to the important details, or What She considers is important is not important for the couple.
She was devastated and crying over the phone, telling me that the couple is never respecting the word given. What it could be trivial for her is completely the opposite for the couple.
Well I was commenting an earlier post that is really weird to see that Love is Love..why?... simple the girl who was calling me is lesbian. (I have to say that I always respect what you are so for me no problems to accept her, for me her sexual preference is just another thing from her personality and what makes her special for me is only to know that She is happy for what She is in the overall).
Well She is in a relationship where the other girl is the immature.

Funny thing is that I gave her my advice at the same time giving the advice to me and my situation with Lupita.
I told her to firstable recognize if there is a real situation over there, I mean If in fact is a big problem the behavior of the girl for her.Because as I told her sometimes We make an enormous drama about something that not necessarily is a drama.
In case there is a big problem She has to make a list about the things that make her happy in the relation and the list of the things that make her unhappy.
If the positive list is bigger to try to find solutions.
If the negative list is bigger She has two actions or continue with her but without blaming her for anything wrong that She in her own naive and vain way would make to her in the future and try to fix what is possible to fix, I mean if she continues She has to accept her the way She is, and the other solution is to break up and stop the suffering.
Funny to see that in a way I am suffering from the same situation, I love a girl a lot but at this point I see is not reciprocal, and at the same time accept that I can not control or force anything about Lupita, but in fact I can control what I can do about myself.
I have to say that I have no idea If when I see again lupita I would have everything in the same way or just stop. I understood that I can not control my heart but I can start protecting it a bit.

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

maybe she misses you that's why she emailed you....

sometimes i think its easier to give advice than to do it yourself... that happened to me years ago...

hope things go better for you -kino--

antonio said...

You are right Kino sometimes is easier to give advice to others!!
I will answer the mail to Lupita today at night ... I have no idea..deep down I wish She missed me.
But I will be a little cautious this time!! Thanks Kino!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

It is much easier to give advice than to take it.
Even when you know they don't love you or ever will you just seem to keep hoping.
I wrote an email at the weekend and i still cant send it.I keep talking myself out of it.I want to make a clean break from him but i cant.

Sask 1 said...

This is an update on my last comment.Ive actually got up the courage and sent him the mail saying goodbye and its over.No turning back now.