Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dark Empire Wicked reasons.

III Posted by Hello

I finally watched the movie yesterday..with a very good friend (hello to you gal :) ).
Well I only watched Star Wars IV,V,VI and now III. Why haven`t I watched the first ones?
I guess I wanted to see how the circle was closed to see the others, so I expect this week to rent them and enjoy them. It was really hard indeed just to keep myself out of reviews and spoilers everywhere.
Even now I don`t get why people get angry by reading the spoilers because in this case the story was already solved.
I liked the movie, many things to look around,beautiful art deco art.
I was only concerned about a little message in terms of propaganda against something I saw quite often in the movie but maybe is just me.
I have to say the director is an smart ass, He combines all beliefs and cultures to form something new but at the same time old, is that kind of Deja Vu movie factor, well handled story.
I really was expecting inner or hidden subplots so there would be more parts fo the movie, but not, not really big surprises, it was predictable in a way.
A beauty to watch!!...after I ate tacos with my friend..Have a great day!!...


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