Monday, May 16, 2005

Wonder Woman The Virtual Comission

Wonder Woman Posted by Hello

I was thinking why not to make Wondy HAPPY and see the whole process of her piece, and I was also thinking why not to make her happy in both ways, so I decided to draw Wonder Woman but using some of the most famous photo poses from Betty Page so in a way it could be both drawing in one.
I also decided to draw Wonder Woman but in her first Outfit with the skiRt and everything ala 40`s.

Wondy you need to select one number.
If you guys can help me make up her mind..that would be really cool!
when She finally selects the number I will write another post telling her in what technique the Comission will be.
I never draw or give options to my Comissions but this time I wanted her to be part of the process, remember again I never involve the comissioner that much in terms of what I would do but this time I am just trying to have a lot of fun in the process.

Have a great time all of you!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Wondy is totally going to love these.

antonio said...

And When I am done with Wondy you are next!! :)..JESUS ANTONIO

wondy woman said...

You're right I do love them! I was torn between 1 and 5 but I like number 1 the best, Jesus Antonio. And how did you know, Wonder Woman in her forties period was my very favourite!

wondy woman said...

Ps. I really appreciate this - watching the process is going to be so interesting. I love it.

johnnyjustice said...

I dig the old-school outfit as well...


antonio said...

Perfect Jason!! as you see it really suits the topic and the kind of imput I will set.
great to see you here!!

Wondy good choice!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Harvey Dent said...

Hey, boss,

I totally agree with the skirt man.

Also pose #4 looks prett-ay vulgar, don't you think?


antonio said...

Hey boss Chris...good to see you here!! Well number 4 vulgar well hahah depends on the situation my friend!! :) :) Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Call me Jesus Antonio no necessity for the boss hahahaha !! Good day!!..

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

i like the first one the best :) --kino--

antonio said...

hello Kino!!
Chris thanks again for the comment!!