Monday, May 09, 2005

What is 19.5?

19.5 Posted by Hello

Ohh Boy!! Who is this cutie?...My Mom!!!
Tomorrow We will have Mother`s Day in my country and I am still thinking in a gift to her ( I am broke but I will see what I will do to her), I will be busy to post so I am doing in advance.

Sorry but this only to my Mom.

Hola! Se que a veces es muy dificil demostrar mi amor y mi cariño hacia tì pero sabes que a pesar que no lo hago como deberia, eres la persona mas importante y que te quiero un monton, los miedos, tus virtudes, tus arrebatos, tu humor y forma de ser es lo que me ha hecho lo que soy!
Te quiero y te Amo mucho!!!...

Back to the news!.
I received 3 rejection mails but what the heck!! I am happy today a little sick from my teeth but really happy!!
I received a nice mail from a company I like a lot in Spain so I have already contacted my friends and writers to start moving our work for some proposals We have in hands. (Pedro and Nik). Wish us Luck!
Continue coloring Luchador!

No news about Lupita!mmmmm :)..JESUS ANTONIO

A Contest: If you tell me what 19.5 means and you are right You will have a comission done by me fro free, you only pay the shipping.
It is not about my life in fact is about give you a hint.


Sask 1 said...

Your mom is very beautiful Jesus Antonio.Happy mothers day to her.
I'll have to have a think on 19.5 and get back on that one.
Have a great day

wondy woman said...

is 19.5 something to do with the solar system?
I just wanted to say I am dying to see that film The Sea Inside, it looks amazing and cleaned up at the oscars, not that that means a thing! (well, it does a bit to me)

May I say I looked at your site, once again I must tell you, you are very talented. But I guess you already know that !

wondy woman said...

I think it is something to do with 1095 AD and the delaration of the holy war?

antonio said...

June, yes my Mom is really cute!!!
Thanks I will let her know you say so!!. I will expect for your guess.

Wondy great to hear from you as usual!! and thanks for the words it only motivates me to be a better person everyday..thanks..
You are probably fact there are 3 possible answers and one is about Universe (Do you want to elaborate more on the answer :) ).
There is a message in those numbers, and no is not from the bible.
Thanks Wondy you gave me a good idea about the Holy War i will look for info about it and let you know but no is not part of the 19.5 question!..Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

Well one answer i found was that it was used for the construction of ancient structures such as pyramids.Also it could be a latitude number for where you live in Mexico?
Im just fishing here as if you couldnt guess.

antonio said...

mmmmm June, You are right in a way but is not the original idea, but You and Wondy are having part of the answer...mmmmm...
19.5 is more like a message, but oddly is part also from what you have both wrote...:)..JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

nooo.. i missed the trivia... i have no prize :) hehehehehe good day jesus --kino-- :)