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The Corner..... Robot Love written by Ron Fortier.

Robot Love Page one written by Ron Fortier and drawn by me Posted by Hello

Some time ago I was approached by the great person and artist Stacie Ponder (Obviously I will have an interview with her soon so You guys who doesn`t know her work and you start noticing this great girl and artist), and asked me to participate in an idea She has and I was happily amazed to see the person who I team-worked.His name Ron Fortier.

Ron Fortier has been a professional writer for over twenty-five years. He has worked on comic book projects such as The Hulk, Popeye, Rambo and Peter Pan. He says "With my two most popular comic series being The Green Hornet and The Terminator (with Alex Ross). With Ardath Mayhar I penned two TSR fantasy novels, and in 2001 I had my first play, a World War II romantic comedy, produced".
He is currently producing a documentary film shot in Moscow,and has several movie scripts floating around Hollywood looking for a home.

This is the first part of three with a great interview with Ron.What I can say from Ron is that He is amazinly talented and that I feel so honored to draw something written by him.I hope in the near future to work again with him.

JESUS ANTONIO:When did you realize you had the talent and skill to put your ideas into words? (a significant moment in your life you finally decide to do this professionaly)
RON FORTIER:As a child, I grew up reading comic books. They thought me how to read. Then when I got to school, I thought it would be fun to be an artists and draw comics. I had some small drawing skills and was always doing special projects for the teachers. But by the time I was a teen-ager and in high school, I realized my drawing skills were not good enough to shape a career. But I still wanted to be a part of comics, so I decided to turn my attention to writing them and became a very good student of literature. I kept this up all the way through college. By the time I started submitting scripts to publishers, I had taught myself how to write. And although I have written books and plays, comics are the still the things I have the most fun working on.

JESUS ANTONIO:What is a brief way to describe the process you work on a page, (do you have the ideas first and work them,do you work the voices of the characters etc.)?
RON FORTIER:I generally have an idea which I keep inside my head for days, weeks even months at a time until it becomes a full-blown story. Then I do whatever research I have to do first. I make a list of the characters and decide how long the story is going to be. When I all this is done, I simply sit down and start writing the story. The dialogue comes to me as I am writing..which is why sometimes the characters can actually surprise me. I never know what they are going to say until I'm writing the scenes.

JESUS ANTONIO:We both know that The great and lovely story you wrote Robot Love is also taken from the Amazing Silent Movie Metropolis and the artist Soroyama, besides that What else did you imagine and use to write the story and why?
RON FORTIER:Of course Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS was the background I wanted for this particular story.
And I love Soroyama's sexy-robot pin-ups. So it seemed the perfect opportunity to blend two of my favorite things together. There remained one final element and that was the story itself. Since Stacie, who invited me to do this job, told me it would be part of a horror anthology like the old EC Comics, it was then easy for me to dream up a story that would fit those classic tales. I had to envision a short little story with a tragic twist at the end, which is what ROBOTLOVE is all about. It is an adult fairy tale that warns careful for what you wish may not be what you expect.

JESUS ANTONIO:In your opinion what is the perfect way to work with an artist who is going to put in images your words?
RON FORTIER:Generally I like to give my artist all the room in the world to be creative. I find that if I am careful to explain the effect or mood I am after, then the artist is free to achieve those feelings as he or she thinks is visually exciting. So I give the artist a direction...but nothing rigid. The more freedoms the artist has, the better the final product. I want both our efforts, my words and his/her story to melt together a single product. That's what happened with ROBOT LOVE.
Jesus shapes my little story, added his very special magic and now we have this beautiful comic book tale. I love it.

End of the first part of the interview with the great Ron Fortier.
Stacie an eternal thank you for letting me meet you and this great guy!

Do you want to visit Ron`s Place? go here...

Great day to you all!!..JESUS ANTONIO


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ohh.. an interview :)

hello jesus :) maybe i can interview you sometime, (when i finish making quesitons)

back to drawing... --kino-- good day :)

antonio said...

I would be really honored Kino!!!!!
Go, go to the drawing board :) :)
Great day to you Kino and i hope you can see and learn some stuff Ron is saying!!..JESUS ANTONIO