Monday, May 23, 2005

From the Chiaroscuro of my deep emotion.

A regular day or not! Posted by Hello

Ohh Well this day I went out downtown with someone , I was really trying to rest and keep my mind busy doing some other stuff.
About you know whom... well this is my first day I didn`t go with or look for. The funny part is that I am feeling as If I were quitting smoking..:)
On a good note I got two editors in USA that from now on will start checking my work in a regular basis, so it is really good, I mean there is not work yet, but there are good chances to keep the contact for long time.
I haven`t finished to work on my sypnosis of Third Death.
I already have the sypnosis of IN NOMINE done.
I am waiting for Luchador! and Chalice of Dracula sypnosis to translate in Spanish.
Expect a couple of interviews during this month with many friends of mine all Pros.

Great day!!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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