Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wonder Woman The Virtual Comission ONE

Wonder Woman Posted by Hello

Okey Wondy this is what you have selected.
I said previously that I wanted to use pink,purple and grey also because it is really a good punk-gothic combo.
I am still thinking about the technique, well in fact I already know what I will use but I keep it a secret because I want to explain something to people by using your Comission Wondy.
I realized that the 40`s outfit would fit your taste and also the time period that you like a lot.
Now this is where the magic appears, now is a matter of days or hours to have the image.
as I said I will use my weekends to do it, so hopefully by early next week I will show the first result to explain the second process.
Nice selection If it were for me I should have selected 5 or 2 after the one you chose, so very good eye!! :)
Other tiny note at this part of the decision I dunno If I will include something else!

Wondy I hope you are enjoying this!! :) great day!!!



wondy woman said...

I am having so much fun watching and reading you do this - I have been sneakily checking your progress at work - bad girl. But this is so much more interesting than number crunching! Thanks as always, Jesus Antonio x x Have a good day x x

Sask 1 said...

Excellent choice wondy.
Im looking forward to see how it progresses.
This is lots of fun to see you do.Have a good day Jesus Antonio.