Friday, May 20, 2005

La Victoria comes to my door.

Victoire Posted by Hello

Well today nothing really interesting I have many things to do again this weekend.
I am finally writing the sypnosis of Third Death.
I am having the conversation with Lupita today so in case I do not post today or tomorrow is only to lick over my wounds or celebrate closures or openings. Just wish me luck!
I wanted to load an advance of the Comission to Wondy but I couldn`t.
I will take next week to finish the piece so just be patient with me Wondy!.

I am thinking in having this weekend only to rest, well and color Luchador! for sure!!

Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

Good luck with Lupita, Jesus Antonio. She is crazy if she allows closure this weekend, you're talented, handsome, witty and kind what more would any gal want?

Ps. Cannot wait to see the pic!

antonio said...

"you're talented, handsome, witty and kind"

Thank you Wondy you and June are the best cheerleaders I can have!!
You made my day with the comment!..about my date well was weird again. I am showing in the following post...I am just clueless

what more would any gal want? I guess is not what Lupita wants from me..:( I guess nothing at all!!

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

good luck jesus :)--kino--

antonio said...

Thank you Kino I always appreciate your Emphaty to me!! thanks Kino!!..JESUS ANTONIO