Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Japanese TV from my Chilhood:Comet San, Cosmic Baton Girl or Señorita Cometa.

Comet San Posted by Hello

Hey Nik did you remember I told you about my favorite japanese program when I was very young?.
Well the name of the serie was Señorita Cometa or Rocket Girl (I know that life has really weird ways to put together things...right!?)
Right here are some little pics of the serie.
Happens that I haven`t found any or seen it again!
The program was broadcasted by Canal 5 but after the Earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 1985 the place where all the TV programs were gathered suffered a destruction of over 50% of all the programming and in that percentage the series like Comet San were gone by the wind.

So well this is one of my old faves!!

If you tell me how to get this show in english version let me know!!!


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