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The Corner..... Robot Love written by Ron Fortier.2

Robot Love written by Ron Fortier and drawn by me. Posted by Hello

Let`s continue with the Conversation with the nice a great Ron Fortier.

JESUS ANTONIO:You have mentioned the key and basement for a piece of work that is RESEARCH how do you start your research and start getting the information you need or do not need?
RON FORTIER: In the old days, before the advent of the computer, I would have to go to the library and find materials I needed to research a particular ear in history. If and when I write stories that take place in a specific time or place, I try my best to be accurate in describing these settings. Now, thanks to personal computers and the marvelous internet, it only takes me a few minutes to find the facts I'm looking for. Example...this morning I was writing a script and I needed some information on American pirates who operated off the coast of New England (where I live) andso I went on the internet. In less than five minutes I had all the information I needed. So in writing,I too educated myself. Now that's always fun to learn new things. It keeps your mind young.

JESUS ANTONIO:About complete and full scripts, Can you feel the Strong Vibe that the script will be a great success or remembered by the readers? How do you develop the skills to recognize a good strong piece or weak one?
RON FORTIER:By just doing lots and lots of them, ha. I've written over 300 comic scripts in the last 28 years.It is easy to forget many of them, so every once in a while I might dig into my library of published comics, pick one up and read it. Sometimes it makes me cringe as my writing was not all that good long ago when I was starting out. But then again, sometimes I'll read one of these old stories and be very happy that it still entertains me all these years later. A writer never completely knows if his new work is going to be good or bad. That depends on the readers and time. I just try to do the best I can every time I sit down with a new story. Like I said in an earlier question, over the years, you develop a talent for knowing which ideas are really the good ones and which are just a repeat of what had been done many times before. It all comes from experience in the end.

JESUS ANTONIO:What is the correct way to turn down an offer? (Sometimes We can feel that something is not right)
RON FORTIER:Well, obviously, if you want to be good at what you do, you first have to know what you like and what you don't like. There are certain kinds of stories I will not even try to write because I have absolutely no desire to do them. So if I did, they would most likely turn out very bad. When editors or publishers come to me and offer me a project, I try to honestly evaluate it, not so much about how much money it will bring me, as to can I really write this kind of story. If I cannot,then I'll politely turn down the job and maybe suggest another writer. No one can write everything and again, it is important to be honest with yourself first.

JESUS ANTONIO:How do you pick your battles, I mean you have been long enough in the business to see that sometimes our Vocation is our refugee, and We start developing some sour or defensive feelings to the medium , sometimes seems difficult to others to understand What We do and We normally have the tendency to become loners with people around or without, has it happened that to you?
RON FORTIER:It is very, very easy to get sour on the whole comics scene when you see some of the junk that is being published today. It really is sad. And sometimes you just have to step away from it for a little while. Calm down a little. It is very important to know what your goals are and to be honest about them. Only 10% of all the writers and artists in the world ever get to make a living at doing this. Truly. All the other 90% have to keep other jobs to pay the bills. That is what I did for 32 years. All the while I was writing comics, I kept a day job at a factory, which paid the bills and paid for my children's education and medical bills etc. It was hard, but I stayed with it and two years ago, was able to retire. Now that company pays me a monthly check and I don't have to do anything but what I love to do. Which is why when young people come to me and say they want to do comics, I warn them the odds are against them if they think they can do them for money. If its because you love comics, then welcome aboard. But make sure you keep the normal job. Ha.

End Second part.

Guys If you are not learning from the conversation I do not honestly know what else to say!! I hope you guys are enjoying the Conversation with Ron (a very bright mind).Expect the last part!
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

He's a very wise man and gives good advice.You have a talent Jesus Antonio and you will over time get better and learn how to combine your artistic skills with your written ones.Then there will be no stopping you.Maybe i'll be able to tell people when your famous that i knew you when you were just starting.
Take care

antonio said...

Thanks Dear June in fact I really want to tune my writing the same as my art and I am sure that eventually i will hit big time!1 I need only to be wise and patient.
About being famous well I really want to do the comics the rest of my life and recieve the right compensation for it..about fame well i have seen many friend to fall and well I really hope fame doesn`t become a way to stuck myself...have a great day June..JESUS ANTONIO