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The Corner..... Robot Love written by Ron Fortier.3

Robot Love written by Ron Fortier and drawn by me Posted by Hello

Guys This is the last part of the interview with the Great Ron Fortier, I hope you really enjoy it!

JESUS ANTONIO:Would you like a Son or Daughter to follow your steps? If so or If They are, What would it be the only big advice you would give him/her to avoid a situation you didn`t have the necesity to have or suffer?.(I know the big one is to keep your job Ha ha!! but taking that out...Sometimes the advice changes When We have to give it to our significan others).
RON FORTIER: Follow my steps how? In comics or in being creative? I have three sons and two daughters,all adults now and I also have five grand children with a sixth one on the way. The only advice I ever give them is do the things that make you happy. Everyone has different talents. None of my kids ever got into comics, but my oldest son is a computer genius and that is what he does for a living. He also loves model trains and that is his hobby. Whereas my oldest daughter is an excellent writer, she is not pursuing it because right now she is busy being a wife and mother.But I keep urging her to write and maybe some day she will. But you can't have your children be copies of your life, they have to find their own careers.

JESUS ANTONIO:What is your concept of.


Fame : Something people go after when they are young because they think it is important. Then the older they get, the more they realize it really has no value at all.

Love:The greatest action in the world is love. It is why God created us, to love ourselves and each other.When we truly go into the world loving others, we are truly alive. I feel so sad for selfish people who don't understand that. We were created by Love to Love. I really believe that.

Work:Since this is not Heaven, work is a necessary part of life. And a noble part, if we make that.It doesn't matter what the work is, from being a doctor to a janitor, if you do it to the best of your abilities, then it becomes a noble thing that will enrich your life. People who accept this truth usually have happy lives.

Family:This is of course tied to life. The greatest treasure anyone has is his or her family. There is nothing more important to me than my wife, my children, my parents and my friends..they too are myfamily. I have a good size family and that makes me a very rich soul, knowing that such wonderful people love me. It is very humbling.

Money:A tool that is neither good or bad. How we use it determines that. I have always worked hard for my money and try to use it wisely. I don't know if I would like being rich, as I would probably act foolish. Whereas I wish everyone in the world had just enough to live in comfort, that is enough for a home, food and clothes. In our world, the real sin is that so many people are poor with absolutely nothing, while a small minority are so rich. It is really an injustice.

Sacrifice:A very hard concept and one few people are comfortable with. Sacrifice, to me, means giving up something for someone else, wether it is your money or your time, and doing so gladly. For example, my wife's mother lives with us. Recently she just had major heart surgery and is in a rehabiliation home until she is good enough to come home. My wife and I have been sacrificing a lot of our time to seeing to her welfare now, doing everything for her while she is away. It is hard work, but we love her and are willing to sacrifice for her. If more people learned to sacrifice for others, it would be a better world.

Joy:Doing something right. Exercising my imagination or spending time with my five beautiful grand children. Watching nature and knowing how beautiful it is. So much joy...if we just open our eyes to see it.

JESUS ANTONIO:Did or Do you have a favorite writer? Which one and Why?
RON FORTIER:I have a lot of favorites, ha. Ed McBain writes mystery novels. I love his work. Clive Cussler writes Dirk Pitt adventures that are great. Stephen King and Dean Koontz do marvelous horror. Again, there are lots of writers I admire. In comics, its Alan Moore, Mike Barr and Peter David.

JESUS ANTONIO:What it has been the Comic-story that really marked you (One written by you and other not written by you)? (Tell me When,where, How,Why etc).
RON FORTIER:Tricky question. By far the best comic book series I ever wrote was THE BOSTON BOMBERS.Its my best work ever. But few people ever saw it. Most people are more familiar with my TERMINATOR - BURNING EARTH book with Alex Ross. And my GREEN HORNET comics. Those were lots of fun. As for ones not written...a long time ago I had a chance to write a RAMBO comic book and did up a lot of good plot ideas, but the book was cancelled and I never got to use them.

JESUS ANTONIO:Recommend me a book to read. :)
RON FORTIER:If you like pulp adventures, I'd suggest you find my latest book BROTHER GRIM. It is available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Ha, got to plug my stuff.

End of the Interview in fact It is my first interview ever but as you see It is great to find smart people to have a good conversation. And of course I will buy my book soon Dear Ron!! :)

Have a great day all of you!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

That was a really interesting interview

antonio said...

yeah!!! I was amazed by the answers of Ron and I learned a lot!!..Good day to you June!!..JESUS ANTONIO