Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Numerology of Stupidity.

This is quite outrageous in fact I will write the things as our President said .
He was asked in an interview about the Muertas de Juarez (you guys know all the killings and sort of), well He said that that was a case already solved.

Lie, Lie, Lie!!

He also said that the news of Muertas de Juarez is also the responsibility of the media in my country, He used the term "refritear" that in English means to repeat after another time, he said that one death is published so many times that it really looks it has been a lot of times or murders.

Data only in this year 14 new victims have appeared!

After that the spokeman of the Goverment said that in fact there where about 200 hundred cases from Muertas de Juarez already solved and also 200 people in jail as direct responsibles of those murders.
Yes!! Imagine to tell that to the families who have suffered those missings and realized that maybe is a new victim that is a case already solved.

Lie after Lie.

Our president promised to solve the situation as many others and well He has done NOTHING!!


In case you read in Spanish this blog is really good to keep you informed.


Great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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