Monday, May 23, 2005

Dogma Icarus

Dogma Icarus Posted by Hello

This is my personal reminder of something I will do over tomorrow.
Last Friday before having "the conversation" I took the bus to go to my job and a guy got into the bus and started singing two pieces of Trova (Many people do it to survive, well trova is a kind of protest music pretty common in my country,Cuba and some other places, where the music but mainly the lyrics are the base of it).
Obviously I was distracted thinking about her and in one of the lines from one of the songs it was the phrase "Ya me canse de sangrar por ti, y de saltar desde el sol" translation "I had it of bleeding for you, and jumping off from the sun..".
A cute reference to Icarus.
Beautiful lines and I started to develop a good idea for a Romantic comic story (writing and drawing it!), I am proposing this to a cultural newpaper from my country tomorrow in the afternoon.
For obvious reasons I keep to myself the concept for now but If everything works well, I will star posting the work involved, well as you can see I am trying to keep my feelings to work for something creative and not destructive.

Good time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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