Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wonder Woman The Virtual Comission TWO

Wonder Woman Posted by Hello

Wondy let`s continue ..well this is one of the references I used for the Comission!.

Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

Jesus Antonio! I love it! It's even better than I imagined and it's only the first draft!! I will have a little think over this evening - you might have to give me a few options to chose from as I don't have a particularly good eye for backrounds. I like the darkness of maybe a gotham city style but is she sitting in her own room? hmmmm, I will haev to think about this.


Have a wonderful weekend but I'm sure i'll see your site over that time!

Wondy x x

wondy woman said...

Yes the forties are definately the best...