Thursday, May 12, 2005

In Nomine. A color cover I needed to do for a proposal.

IN NOMINE Posted by Hello

This is the cover I was doing yesterday!
IN NOMINE is a great concept from my friend Pedro L. Lopez and I draw it!!
I sent some scans to Nik with Luchador! in colors!
I will have another interview in some days showing more work of Robot Love.
I will write some sypnosis during the weekend.
I have two going outs this weekend.
I am a little blue about Lupita`s situation. Damn!!!

News. I will declare Wondy and June as winners, They didn`t give me whole answer that I needed but They help me to realize other connections for that number and I will try to included in my story Third Death, I will give the whole concept of 19.5 in a couple of days!!.

Wondy and June I will use the comissions also to explain to guys here the way I work in design.
I will have first Wondy and as soon as I finish Wondy`s I will start yours June. Just give me some time to do so because I will do it on my weekends!! :)
Wondy contact me off!!

The other trivia stands still.
What does it mean the date 1864?

Good day to you all!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

Thank you so much Jesus Antonio - I can't wait !

wondy woman said...

So with these commissions - what will you actually do? Or will it be a surprise?

Sask 1 said...

Oh thank you Jesus Antonio.
Im off to check out that date now.Be back soon hopefully with a reply

antonio said...

Quite simple Dear Wondy.
I know we have really similar taste so it will be a blast the comission.
You ca select the topic (wahtever you want me to dra except animals I do not like to draw animal a lot ha!, but any other topic or artist or situation is up to you).
I want you to be happy and also to be proud enough to hang it on your room next to you pile of unread books :).
Tell me in waht style you wnat me to use, because I studied Architecture i can really understand the differentstyles. And also colors.Let me know and I will work the comission in the same bery blog so Other people can see How I work comission work.

June!!! you are after Wondy!! :)..Have a great day both of you!!..JESUS ANTONIO

wondy woman said...

well i think it should be quite dark in style, i love the film noir style, you know sort of 40's and 50's. wonder woman maybe should be incorporated as i grew up with her. i love bettie page who is somewhat of an inspiration to me. basically i think you can tell a bit about me from my page so anything goes really i say! also i am a firey readhead and proud so that might work well! anything else let me know i am so excited! i wish i had a talent to share with you...

wondy woman said...

i can't wait to see what june comes up with either!

johnnyjustice said...

Nice piece! Obviously I like black, white, and red for covers (Venger #1 cover), lol!

Sorry I haven't visited yer blog for a while, but I have been so busy with my own pages that I haven't had the time!

Anyways, keep up the cool stuff, and lemme know when you have something in print so I can pick it up!


antonio said...

Jason, great to see you here!!
visit me when you can!1 and cograts again in the 3 things you accomplished...JESUS ANTONIO