Monday, May 23, 2005


"module my Life ..Never said by LeCorbusier " :) Posted by Hello

Inspiration stroke me and I found a funny way to have fun and draw another Comission.
I will play the smart guy here and use my studies of Architecture. :)

Okey June this is the first part of the game. (Take your not rush).

Instructions: Imagine you have 3 shapes and 3 sizes



Well now you have 9 possible combinations. e.i: Star-small,Star-regular,Star-big..etc.."
You need to select Only three options.

Second part of the game. Now imagine you have a piece of paper in blank,please divide the paper in your mind in 3 sections, top,middle, bottom, and also divide in your mind the paper in left,center,right, So you now have again 9 possibilities. This is the interesting part. I need you to write a brief description using the 3 options YOU SELECTED, You have to write down where do you want me to draw the 3 shapes you chose. e.i: I want the Big-cloud in top left or small-star in left an example.
Is it clear? I am terrible giving instructions...! :)

The liberty I have is that I will use the 3 shapes as the modulor in your Comission. we haven`t thought of the topic yet. That will be step number two.

Have a great day...weird how my mind works ...right?



wondy woman said...

I can't wait to see what ideas June comes up with !

Wondy xx

antonio said...

it`s is going to rock big time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

Hope i understood this right
Regular cloud-left
Large moon-right
regular star-middle

antonio said...

Perfect now I will just wait for you to come back from your vbacation time to develop the comission together!! Thanks June!1 let us know you are back to continue the process!! :) JESUS ANTONIO