Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Green car and windy day!

Enjoy! Posted by Hello

I never expected to see work of Milo Manara for a magazine of cars!
Well Enjoy and If you see very well you might see why my line of drawing is a little European, Milo Manara one of the influences!!
Enjoy the piece!!....JESUS ANTONIO

ps:About me well today no news at leas for the hour..I am still taking time to rest...:)


wondy woman said...

I know perhaps a bit more than I should about Manara - as I used to work in that type of industry - very surprising it's on a car magazine but definately his style!

have a good day Jesus

Wondy x

antonio said...

What type of Industry?
Answer me off If it bothers you in away!!
btw Wondy what do you do now for living' Everytime I read your blog sound interesting what you do..:)

June Where art thou? missing you :)


antonio said...

What else do you know about the work of Manara?

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

milo minara... :)

i like his line work.. very elegant :) --kino--