Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wonder Woman The Virtual Comission THREE

Wonder Woman Posted by Hello

Hello to everybody!!! Me again!!!
Wondy this is the first layout now I am thinking in what could it be the perfect background and also the technique to use on the Comission.
Things to consider.
Technique (pencil color)
Colors to use (grey, purple and pink).
Background or designed background. (I am still thinking in the rigth arrangement)

Have a great time !!!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

I definately like purples and pinks as you don't normally associate them with wonder woman. You're doing so well !

chuck gibson said...

I would go a different direction if I were you, Jesus. First of all, I'd have her actually sitting on an object of some sort---I'm a stickler about that and even the nicest done pinup work bugs me if the subject is sitting on 'air' like this.

The other thing is that you might want to consider a decorative border or background in the Art Noevue style like Alphonse Mucha---stars arranged in an abstract sort of pattern the way Adam Hughes might do.

Just an idea, buddy. :)

antonio said...

hey Dear Chuck great to have you here again. You are absolutely right. I had Wonder Woman sat on air while I decide the background.
I have now some options:
1.-To do what you said an art noveau style thing, I am avoiding this approach because Wondy likes the 40`s.
2.-I wanted to sit her in a old 40`s car or tank.
3.-To have her sat in a Greek ruin.
4.-To ahve the stars arrange that is also a great great solution..thanks Chuck!!!
I am a little afraid about the coloring, I know that the palette I chose really works now I need to make them work with the colors of Wonder woman.

btw I am sending you an email later, thanks Chcuk for now being in the Robot Love Journey with me!! Thanks a lot!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

chuck gibson said...

I'm sure whatever you decide to do with the color will be great. You're definitely more adept with color than I am.

Just judging by the pose and the 'height' she seems to be sitting at and the line coming out behind her, I think I'd go with the Greek ruins idea----just my first impulse when you mentioned it. Look forward to seeing the finished piece. :)