Monday, May 16, 2005

Comission in pink,grey and purples.

Okey firstable the news:
I am sending more scans in color to Nik Today or Tomorrow (I need to downsize the originals), so Nik expect something you may love a lot! We are very close to start the ball rolling! :)
I went out two times over the weekend, 2 nice girls, well good in the over all!
I still need to finish the sypnosis of Third Death, review the one Pedro sent me of In Nomine.
I will start some sequential work of the Anthology I mentioned before for Spain.I will start having its own section call El Clan "The Klan" so you guys see how the work is develop.
I finally finish some coloring for the comission I was doing, so expect the final scan soon.

About Comission you know you can ask me directly for one or Nik, I can draw also Covers for music bands, so If you can pass my info (thanks in advance!!).

Wondy`s comission, I will take my time to do the comission in fact I will use the Weekends to do so, I have to options to draw.
Wonder Woman or Betty Page, since now I decided to use Wonder Woman and I will use only the 3 colors I mentioned , pink,purple and grey.
I will also set the image in a very Noir Ambience very 40's as Wondy likes.
Now this is the good part I normally take 4 days or less to research about the style I will use in the piece and probably some more stuff that Wondy sees is meaningful for her.
Next post I will write about the style and the technique I will use for it, with some ideas that normally pop in my head about how to attack the piece.

Have a great day!!!...

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