Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Numerology of Tragedy

Hey guys!!!
This time I am writing from my job so sorry If I can not reply now some of the beautiful comments you have done about my dumbness! :)
In fact I will post by Tomorrow night If possible (happens that I have no internet..again for a couple of days!!).
Thanks to June, Wondy, Mike, Chris, Jason (btw Congratulations on the interview!!),Kino and all of you.


I have...I have an inker for Robot Love and btw is a Pro,friend, a person I have always considered a great person that I admired a lot, funny but His talent is as big as the good person He is. I will keep the name in secret for today, next post I will say who this great person is.

About Numerology well as usual I show numberS that in my country are just killing us, Sometimes I post this so you guys can understand why sometimes is really hard for us in our country to develop a career and in my case as an artist.

INEGI (the data source of the Economy in my country) said that from the 100% of people working in my country 39% work and receive less than 270 dollars PER MONTH. I mean in my case sometimes I have to survive a whole month with 150 dollars ...How do I survive? I dunno, but I do it.

You also listened to the stupid thing that our President said about Black People (Afroamerican People,btw a warm hello to you guys!), He is so stupid that He even created an international problem and Jesse Jackson came to our contry to listen to an explanation, just a bunch of stupid comments from my President and the worst is that He does that frequently.

About Ciudad Juarez two more girls were found killed the sad part is that They were just children.
By the time I am writing thist They already catch one of the killers that happened to be the Father.

Have a good day and see you in a couple of days!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

It's good that you can use your blog to educate people on the problems in your country.It helps people to have a better understanding of how difficult things can be for your people.I hope that one day things will get better.
Have a good day

antonio said...

you have seen it I really want the blog to talk about real life and how for many of us is really hard or easy to life down here.
About changes , we were thinking that by having a new goverment would be a change but it was just the cotrary, in fact We have a underdevelopment of minimum 6 years now.
I have to say that my country is incredibly beautiful and great in culture and people but the times are also really difficult now!! Tahnks June and have a grat day!!..JESUS ANTONIO