Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kane Posted by Hello


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Terrific movie! I forgot to put this in my own favorite movie list.

wondy woman said...

Like your new Pic, Jesus

You are tres handsome!

Wondy x

antonio said...

Wondy!! You make me blush!! Now I am losing some wait I need it so I will post a photo of me when I am slimmer...hahah thanks Dear Wondy!!

Gerry as usual a great pleasure to hear from you...I hope later one you tell me what you are doing nowadays!!
I will send you a mail off to say hello!!
Great list of movies you posted Gerry!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Wondy, June and everybody check the work that the great Amigo gerry Alanguillan does!!!!. He is extraordinary!!! I really wnat to achieve his level of talent in the next years!!!
And Gerry as many people I know is a great human being!!

antonio said...

in the part that says..
" I am losing some weight , not wait",,what is wrong with me today early morning and my stupid fingers!!

Sask 1 said...

I like your new pic also.Thats the one i liked when you had them done a few months ago.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hey Jesus! I'm still inking Leinil on Silent Dragon. It's gonna be two issues. I may be moving on after that and try and take a stab at pencilling. I've already got a couple of assignments lined up for smaller companies, but we gotta start somewhere right? I'll be adapting a story for Graphic Classics.

Here in the Philippines I'm contributing story and art to a couple of comics magazines. One is Johnny Balbona for Mwahaha! (our local version of Mad Magaziine) and the other is HUMANIS REX for Fudge Magazine. ;)

wondy woman said...

I have just googled Jerry - he is very talented that much is true - I would say you are not far off youself. You keep going I know your dream will come true - I have an inkling - then you can stay in touch with us from the comfort of your comic book towers !

Wondy x x

ps. You remind me of a movie star I can't put my finger on it when I think of it I will tell you who!

antonio said...

great to see you saw the work of Gerry, He and many people I know are jsut fine people, in fact him and many We (gerry and I know) applies the rule "The bigger They are the humble They are"".
funny but in a way Gerry and I share a common knowledge in many many areas,Chuck, Gerry and more I would like to name but I keep them private till they show here have help me as a person and artist.IfI could tell you how many advices and support I have received from them I am just lucky to have them around and I know myself I am grateful when is needed to be..,:)

A movies star babe your are looking at me with kind eyes!! :)


June I agree I like this picture more!!!