Friday, May 13, 2005

Coloring and coloring. Sneak Peek

Luchador! Posted by Hello

Well this is only one panel of the two more I will show of Luchador!,You know I have decided not to show the whole project till having a formal proposal from some companies to edit this.
Nik and I have been working all this time the whole project and is our baby so We are only assuring this project becomes If possible (I am 100 % sure it will be, it has all the elements to be a great icon) a Worldwide story and project.

Also I am about to reach my first 10000 profile views!!! (weird isn`t it?...I wish I could hear from more people reading this humble virtual place).

Some news over the next week!
I will start another Anthology for a great person I admire a lot from Spain.(later more about it)
I continue coloring and drawing more pages of Luchador!
I hope Nik Havert my writer and amigo had a great Convention time over Motor City!
As I said I have some sypnosis to write from my horror project Third Death and it will be revised by a company, so I am sure this and next year will be great for me and my teams of work!

Have a good day!!

Wondy in some posts more I will start the explanation on how I will work your comission!!
Lupita well as usual I can not keep my eyes away from her lips and as usual no change in the situation...I am really dumb! hahaha!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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